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Thabisa Music

"...a huge voice and a personality to match. She has become both a local favorite and an artist to watch for broader exposure in the near future."


-Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register 

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Thabisa is a bicontinental sensation from South Africa now based in New Haven who is taking the music industry by storm with her diverse musical style. With a unique blend of Xhosa and English lyrics, Thabisa brings a refreshing and exciting new sound to the scene.


As a community-oriented artist, Thabisa's electrifying performances are full of high-energy and infectious charisma, exploring themes of love, culture, and identity in her thought-provoking music. She fuses world music with folk, jazz, soul, R&B and Afro-Pop to create an atomic blend of colorful sounds of joy, hope, and longing. This former South African Idols top 18 finisher has written and produced two albums, Eyodidi (2015) and The Journey (2013), and released an expressive new single “Sweet Sorrow” (2020) using the six-syllable Sanskrit mantra "om mani padme hum” to seek calm and peace of mind in a chaotic world.


Thabisa, an international artist with loving fans in South Africa, Europe, and the USA, is now preparing for a spring 2023 tour across New England. While on tour, she will share favorites from her first two albums as well as new work from her upcoming third album, promising to “go deeper than flesh and to face self in order to inspire those who feel like giving up”. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience Thabisa's explosive and unforgettable performance.

Sweet grooves

Sweet grooves

Sweet grooves
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Thabisa - Te amo (Nguwe)

Thabisa - Te amo (Nguwe)

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Thabisa Rich

Thabisa Rich

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Eyodidi  by Thabisa

Eyodidi by Thabisa

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Image of Thabisa Music wearing an Asian inspired Outfit with Green Turban

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