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Thabisa Rich

Creative Entreprenuer | Singer | Culture Holder | GenerArtist



Welcome to my community connect page.


If you know me even a slightest bit, you'll know that I  love trying new things. This includes learning new skills and sharing what I have learnt via my involvement with nonprofits , creating pilot programs that revolve around youth or simply at a classroom as a teaching artists sharing my culture, music  and some historical elements linked to our art. 

On this page I want to share some of my community projects past and present. These projects have propelled me to start a nonprofit Rich Arts Collective as a way we can bring cultural experiences through performance, music, art, conversations and create a collective of ideas and people who will help build a bridge that will link us to our humanity, embrace and understanding of  our cultural differences. 

Featured Poem



Kehler Liddell Gallery-Stprytime-dance and craft-THABISA

Music & Story and collaboration for the Dr Martin Luther King Day

Thabisa-AT Lotta Studios(Permission to Fail).jpg

Permission To Fail at Lotta Studio

BLM- June 2020.JPG

Protesting Police Brutality after George Floyd's passing

This is not a political statement nor a show of affiliation with any party or organization. This is my way of life. My experience and take from the traumas I experienced in the past.

As an artist that holds gifts in a community that has embraced and shared itself with me. I have grown to discover the importance of solidarity, community and collective joy and mourning. May 2020 was a turning point for me after George Floyd's senseless death. And as a young black woman, mother to black and mixed children, it hit me deeper than I can explain. When you realize you live in a world where you're possible seen as not a wholesome being. Where your 'race' is deemed 'not enough' nor worthy of respect. Or that you make wake up some day from your loving home, step outside and suddenly lose your value, dignity, or your life at a whiff of a broken ego as a human being.  

Just like that.

Not from people who we think suffer more and are prone to find themselves in unbecoming situations but face harm coming from our protectors.
My worst fears surfaced as I began to see my daughter and my son doubting their value in this world today. I felt powerless and empty.

Fortunately, I have gifts and a microphone.

It is only fair to use it not only to entertain and bring joy to the messes but to educate, inform and in this case when community needed me, I had to advocate for them. For us. For myself. For my children. For my family.

I value all lives and I see myself and my family living in a community that support me and my family fully. In everything I do I always consider community and what it means to live a in a society that values and respects all lives and especially the BIPOC humans of our community.

We are diverse, we seek to be included when there is access to opportunities. We need to feel safe and seek fair and just treatment for all humans. 

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging are not catch phrases but actionable words that call for accountability, responsibility, listening, care, and work.

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu"- Former Pres. Nelson Mandela


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